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In the distance is a lighthouse
Its beam so shining bright
To guide all ships that are at sea
Throughout the darkest night

For if there was no lighthouse
Shining bright to warn
So many ships would flounder
And be aground by dawn

We too need a lighthouse
A guide for night and day
Something to help and lead us
Along life’s many ways

So many paths to choose from
As we travel through life’s span
We must choose the right path
If we’re to do the best we can

It’s sure to be so certain
Sometimes our choice be wrong
But if we look towards the lighthouse
It helps to make us strong

There's no shame in stopping
And a new path then to choose
For if we fail to do so
We stand so much to lose

For no one has perfection
We opt the chance to take
If it proves to be the wrong one
Admit your own mistakes

For with such admission
Forgiveness you will find
And be guided by that lighthouse
With clarity of mind

Look for that guiding lighthouse
I promise it is there
The light is shining brightly
For everyone to share

Do not stray into the darkness
With naught to light the way
If you find the light that’s shining
Your nights will turn to day

If you choose to just ignore it
And travel on your own
Then you must accept the harvest
Of the seeds that you have sown

Just like a ship in darkness
A lighthouse they can see
Look for the brightness shining
Out there for you and me

If you cannot see the light
That shines for all out there
Come, my friend I’ll show you
Just join me in a prayer

Pray deeply and pray often
For guidance on this Earth
You never will regret it
And will know your own true worth

For this world is faltering
It really is a mess
Just pray to God to lend a hand
And all your days to bless

Oh, if all of men could see
The lighthouse shining there
What a better world we’d have
For all of us to share

So take those few short moments
To daily stop and pray
That all of us can see the light
All through the night and day

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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