This site uses a font called Monotype Corsiva.

It is a font that comes with all Microsoft Office Software but if you do not have it you will not be able to view this site in its correct font. Please Click below and save the Zipped file to your Computer. Save it somewhere that you will be able to locate it easily. Then follow the directions below. You will then be able to view this site using the correct Font.

Click Here

Download the Font from this site. Unzip the folder named MTCORSVA. Once you have unzipped the folder you should see a Font named Monotype Corsiva.

Once you have done that ~ Right Click on the Font and select "Copy". Open your Windows Fonts Folder and Right Click and select "Paste"  You will now have the Font Monotype Corsiva on your computer and will be able to view this site in the Font it is created with. Close all open folders.  At a later time you can delete the original Zipped file if you so desire.

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