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Of friendships made
Across years gone past
How many of those friendships
Can we say did truly last

If those friendships faltered
Did fade away somehow
Do we ever stop and ponder
Where those friends might be just now

How many of those people
Had an input in our ways
Now we just forget them
They were from bygone days

For as we travel onward
Through lifeís journey to the end
Should we try and find them
And all old friendships mend

Did we part because of distance
Did they give us pain
Or was it some other reason
That prevented friends to remain

Just call or write a letter
If they now live far away
Make renewal of that friendship
Your goal for just today

If you parted due to conflict
Was it really quite that bad
To lose a lifelong friendship
Is something rather sad

So call and say youíre sorry
Without expectation in return
Just tell them itís now in the past
And a lesson you have learned

Friendships are so precious
We all need many friends
Without then life is lonely
Please, old friendships mend

You sure will feel much better
Forget about the hate
Surround yourself with old friends
Before it is too late

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
22nd August 1999
All Rights Reserved

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