Fork In The Road Image By Dark Blue Knight

With all I own
I'm on the track
Going who knows where
Or if I'll be back

I've trod for hours
On my two feet
But on this track
There's no one to meet

It stretches on
I see no end
All so lonely
I need a friend

Seems for me it's life
So all alone
No matter where
My feet do roam

For twenty years
It's been like that
As I make my way
Along that track.

Twenty years
Of toil and strife
Twenty years
Of wasted life

Then up ahead
I see two signs
Both say the same
“Follow me, be mine”

One is written
In gold and wealth
The other sign is made
Of blood itself

Now I've reached
That fork in road
With which of those signs
Should I share my load

Should I just follow
Riches, gold and art
Or should I go
With a bleeding heart

For the first time
I have ever done
I say a prayer
And ask, which one

Until that day
I did not care
Or even believe
In power of prayer

I hear no voice
I see no sign
But I feel new thoughts
Deep within my mind

One thought does say
Come follow me
And forever riches
You will see

I won't ask for much
But when you grow old
What I want in return
Is your very soul

The other's silent
But it does lead
For me to see
A heart that bleeds

I look closely at
That bleeding heart
And realise that
I need new start

As I move off
I hear a voice
Then I hear singing
As all rejoice

That voice does say
I will forgive
I gave my life
So you could live

So at that moment
I do depart
From the life I've led
And follow that heart

His bleeding heart
Does bleed for me
I may not have gold
But I'm still wealthy

And to the other
With all the gold
I turn and say
I will not sell my soul

For all the wealth
You may promise me
You cannot give
Me peace for eternity

And now I stop
I pray each day
As I thank God
He showed me the way

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
18th February 2005
All Rights Reserved

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