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Itís four in the morning,
Iím lying awake,
Donít know how much more,
My poor mind can take.

My eyes have no vision,
My head spins with pain,
ĎTis the middle of night,
And Iím crying again.

Tears flowing freely,
As they roll down my cheek,
A voice screaming out silent,
As some relief I do seek.

Look at my loved one,
While sheís lying asleep,
Or is she just thinking,
Why my silence I keep?

I want to reach out,
And for her love to feel,
But just at this moment,
Nothing seems real.

I surely do love her,
And try to show care,
But there are moments like these,
That I just cannot share.

Reach up to my eyes,
And wipe tears away,
Try hard to focus,
And silently pray.

Pray that whatever it is,
That drives me this way,
Please God, itís gone,
Before sun shows new rays.

Why is it at times?
Such pain I do see,
And then at others,
I do feel so free?

Is this some sort of test?
That Iím meant to take?
Or has my life been?
One huge mistake.

A lifetime of battles,
Filled with highs and with lows,
Times of elation,
Then suddenly woes.

I canít understand it,
I no longer try,
Iíve simply accepted,
Itís much easier to cry.

And for my loved one,
She holds out her hand,
Sits with me quietly,
For she does understand.

Sheís been my strength,
And for so long has been,
That someone whoís there,
On which to lean.

So although itís four in the morning,
And I feel pain in my life,
I know that soon it will lessen,
With the help of my wife.

With her beside me,
And God up above,
Iíll try to keep building,
A life filled with love.

Dark Blue Knight
5th January 2007
All Rights Reserved

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