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Freedom is so precious
We must not take it for granted
The glory of our freedom
From seeds our forebears planted

Yes, it’s true we’re governed
With laws and lots of rules
But without those very guidelines
We’d be a lot of fools

As even with such matters
Set out in black and white
There are those amongst us
Who confuse both wrong and right

So when those stray away
From the path so straight and narrow
We really must consider
How that affects tomorrow

And if in course of straying
They choose path so very evil
Then they must face their just desserts
For dancing with the devil

But still they had their freedom
To make their own selection
It wasn’t either you or I
That led them in that direction

Yes we all have freedom
To choose our route or goal
But if we choose the wrong direction
We sell our very soul

We must always cherish
And strive to make it last
So many men did give their lives
For the future, in the past

We really are so lucky
To be born so young and free
So many people on this Earth
Are shackled can’t you see

They know not words of freedom
They merely have no choice
So how can they ever really
Their total lives rejoice

If we are in position
To break the shackles that contain
These very people’s freedom
Then we must learn to share the pain

To change another’s future
To really set him free
Is the greatest of all actions
That’s done by you or me

So, let’s not take for granted
The freedoms left to us
But strive so hard to simply free
Others from the crush

For if we were successful
To set the whole world free
Our armies we would need no more
What Heaven that would be

Each and every one of us
Can work towards that goal
To free this world in total
And give us back control

For God gave us this Earth of ours
To use as we thought best
By striving for our freedoms
We put God’s mind at rest

And when our time on Earth is done
As done to each as should
Then we can face God without fear
If we simply strive for good

So fight always for freedom
It’s not a choice, we must
And make this world a better place
By fighting with the just

And ‘tis God that will reward us
When e’re that time should place
And we are finished with the fighting
Yes, see God face to face

Then with all the others
Freedom fighters from the past
We’ll share eternity and see
We weren’t the first………….or last

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
September 1999
All Rights Reserved

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