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Give your love to the Lord
Love your husband or wife
Always love your children
Then you’ll love life

For there is no reason
That you should recall
For you not to share
Your love with all

Show love for your country
And all things of this earth
Then you’ll always see
Everything’s own true worth

For if you have no love
Then whatever is taught
You may have knowledge
But you will have naught

To love all things
Was what the Lord said
And if you do so
You can look ahead

So try to share deeply your love
With all things that you see
Then you will find
How your life seems so free

It may not be easy
But please somehow learn
Then you will receive
True love in return

Then you can love yourself
And all the world 'round
And reflect in great happiness
With the love you have found

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
10th February 2009
All Rights Reserved

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