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God once looked down
And saw what man had done
So to save all sinners
He sent His only Son

That Son did die
For one and all
Upon that cross
So no more would fall

For if you believe in God
Amidst your pain and strife
Godís promise to you
Is everlasting life

For on that judgement day
Those souls that were lost
Will find theyíve chosen wrongly
At their own cost

God doesnít tell you what to do
But you must then see
The choice you make
Will lead to your eternity

So you stand back
And try to be sure
That you one day will call
At Heavenís door

For God has promised
That if you believe
A true reward
You will receive

But if you forsake
And choose to ignore
Youíll face the fires of hell
For evermore

And through His Son
Our God did say
Recall Me often
And donít forget to pray

Sometimes sing a song
And with the Angels rejoice
For God longs to hear
Your praising voice

God knows at that time
That you do believe
And accept all that is
And His grace you will receive

Your journey on Earth
Is one long test
So do please strive
To give your best

God sees how you react
And all things you do
So on that one day
He may judge you

Believe in God
Believe in the Son
Believe in the Spirit
For together they are One

You might not like
What befalls you today
But please recall
God is only a prayer away

Itís not too late
To ever start
So please accept God
Into your heart

God will give you strength
If you do believe
And eternal life with Him
You will achieve

Because God sent His Son
So He could save you
And faith in God
Is all He asks of you

Please donít let Godís Son
To have died in vain
As He saw that cross
And felt the pain

Instead God does just ask
To simply recall
That on that day
He died for you all

But one thing
That all men did learn
Was from His death
He did return

So the promise God makes
To one and all
Is eternal life
If you only heed Godís call

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
8th July 2005
All Rights Reserved

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