Original Photograph By Jesuino Souza

Well I certainly have wandered,
From one shore to the next.
Now my itchy feet are settling,
Time comes to have a rest.

I have loved my many travels,
And everything Iíve seen.
But time has come to stop for now,
Just recalling where Iíve been.

True, Ďtis time to simply halt,
Moving from place to place.
To return to place I can call home,
Rejoin the human race.

For no better word could eíer describe,
Humans, than a race.
It seems that all around me,
People are always in a haste.

To rush around the city,
With all its smog and din.
People simply donít have the time,
To see the world theyíre in.

No, donít think this is the place,
For me to settle down.
Pack my bags, just move along,
Find a smaller town.

So off again I wander,
For while just all alone.
Looking for that special place,
That I can just call home.

I turn into a country town,
Bit smaller than the city.
See flowers and trees most everywhere,
Sure looks kinda pretty.

Wonder if the place Iíve found,
Will be for me the town.
Where I can lose my wanderlust,
And finally settle down.

I stop somewhere within it,
To see if itís what I seek.
The lush green grass and growing trees,
Beside a flowing creek.

Although it looks exotic,
Best seen for long time.
Thereís one thing that does bother me,
Itís written on a sign.

The sign begins; "You're Welcome,
To sit upon this rise".
But the other words there written,
Are what attracts my eyes.

For on there it is written,
Upon that very sign.
"No camping, fishing, swimming",
Or you will get a fine.

My Lord, I think loud to myself,
Whatís coming of this nation.
Wonít let one do most anything,
Without rule or regulation.

Well although at first did seem,
This was the place to chance.
And settle down for a few years,
Without a backwards glance.

I suddenly decided,
I would be such a fool.
To even think of staying,
Around so many rules.

So my wanderlust takes over,
I again pick up my load.
Head into the distance,
Along some unknown road.

And while that road I travel,
Going who knows where.
I begin to think of years gone by,
And no one there to share.

No one to share my memories,
Whether they be good or bad.
I feel tears come to my eyes,
And feel so very sad.

It was not always like that,
Seems in another life.
Iíd share my special moments,
With my very special wife.

But she has gone forever,
To join angels flying high.
While I am left to wander,
And occasionally to cry.

So on I travel onwards,
Want so much it seems.
To simply stop my travels,
And chase my lonely dreams.

Those dreams of mine were always,
Not for me alone.
But for the time in the future,
When I could take her home.

But I must stop my dreaming,
She did not choose to leave.
For God He did but call her,
Leaving me alone to grieve.

So here I am still moving,
Somewhere along the track.
Never thinking forwards,
But always looking back.

Although I would so dearly love,
To no longer be alone.
It seems I cannot stop and rest,
Iím never going home.

For home has all the memories,
Of my dear loving spouse.
It would no longer be a home,
But simply just a house.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
June 1999
Revised 3rd January 2008 All Rights Reserved

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