Oh my brethren do not reason why
For we choose not to live or die
But for our country we do cry
As we wave our sandy shores goodbye

Then we land on foreign soil
And beneath that desert sun we broil
For it’s freedoms’ enemy we try to foil
And for our countries we do toil

And with weary steps we tread
As those bullets fly around our head
What we think is best left unsaid
Because by next morn we might be dead

But still we choose to fight that fight
Because we know what we do is right
So with all our power and all our might
We pray that freedoms’ future will shine bright

Now my friend is homeward bound
And all his friends will gather 'round
As he is buried ‘neath the ground
What once was life is now a mound

Yes, his casket with flag adorn
And it seems tattered and torn
All of the country does now mourn
Was for this the reason he was born

But from this cause he did not veer
And not once did I see fear
For at those times he did shed a tear
It was for loved ones held so near

So now at last he is back home
With his body buried beneath the loam
But with the Angels he does now roam
And it is for him I write this poem

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
21st April 2006
All Rights Reserved

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