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Yes, itís a tiresome journey,
As we move on through this life,
Sometimes itís filled with happiness,
Sometimes itís filled with strife.

Do not let the harsh times slow you,
Or change the road youíre on,
For if you change direction,
You could be forever gone.

Look closely at the good times,
All the ones that you have had,
And if you think of them so clearly,
They will admonish all the bad.

Do good unto your neighbours,
And treat them like a friend,
For I promise if you do so,
Youíll be rewarded at the end.

We all get down and desperate,
And perhaps wonder why we care,
Itís times like that we need to,
So badly speak to God in prayer.

For your prayers will soon be answered,
And keep you from hellís fire,
As long as you keep moving onward,
And never letting yourself tire.

So keep doing good for others,
Those that we call mankind,
For if you choose to do so,
Youíll find such peace of mind.

So never become weary,
Of doing a good deed,
For that really is so easy,
Just reach out to those in need.

Now keep climbing ever onward,
And do not think how steep,
For God has promised to us all,
That His harvest we will reap.

The harvest that awaits you,
Is eternity to share,
With all that have loved before,
So always hang in there.

Move around the obstacles,
If need be say a prayer,
And my friend I promise you,
That God will help you hang in there.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
18th December 2005
All Rights Reserved

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