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Over two thousand years,
Have now been spent,
Since Mary and Joseph,
On their journey went.

But this was not a journey,
Like one made by you and me,
But one which in the end,
Would change manís destiny.

For Mary herself,
Was not like all women,
But to bear Godís Son,
She had been chosen.

They reached their town of Bethlehem,
And it was soon clear,
That the birth of the Son,
Was drawing near.

They searched and looked,
And found no place to stay,
So they then moved to a stable,
That was built for hay.

Then the time did come,
It was Christmas morn,
And Godís own Son,
Had just been born.

The star shone brightly,
And they heard the Angels sing,
Because that new born babe,
Was to be their King.

This had been predicted,
The coming of Godís Son,
To be named Emmanuel,
Which means the "Anointed One."

We now call him Jesus,
And He is one of three,
For the Father, Son and Spirit,
Are all there for me.

So on this day we do celebrate,
The birth of this part of the Holy Trinity,
And pray that through His words,
He will then lead me.

So my Lord,
As we do ask you to bless,
We also sing,
Happy Birthday Jesus.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
30th November 2005
All Rights Reserved

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