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Iím calling out from Heaven
Can you hear My voice
Open your heart to Me
Just listen, then rejoice

At the moment that you hear Me
Harden not your heart
Listen to My teachings
Give your life a brand new start

Give of yourself so freely
Let Me be apart of you
One day youíll be rewarded
That promise will hold true

Make your choices wisely
Recall My time on Calvary
So no matter what befalls you
You know youíll be with Me

Sometimes your roads are rocky
And forever seem uphill
You ask why this happens to you
But it is My Fatherís will

Donít let those moments take you
And steer you from My way
Hear Me louder when Iím needed
Please donít forget to pray

If you ask it shall be given
But at a time that I know best
Iím asking for your trust in Me
And not put Me to any test

So if today you hear My voice
Then harden not your heart
Donít turn away when I do call
Then we will never be apart

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
9th June 2008
All Rights Reserved


Chapter 4

Verse 7

“To-day if ye shall hear his voice, Harden not your hearts”

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