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One day it did happen
It came just from up above
And I felt so filled
With everlasting love

That light I saw
Did shine on me
So I thought a while
What could it be

I knew it was there
For it could be seen
But I just did not know
What it did mean

So I stood a while
As I pondered why
I did see this heart
From way up high

What was it seen
By me that day
As I stood and looked
Then began to pray

I felt as if
God had just reached down below
And with that beam
Would show just how to follow

It was not just a beam
That shone through that cloud
But Godís own Sonís heart
That looked so proud

There was a reason
It was plain to see
Why that heart shone down
On you and me

So perhaps itís time
To stop what you do
And see where your life
Is leading you

Look at that heart
And the blood it shed
So you may live again
Even though you are called dead

For wealth means nothing
If you donít have belief
Because ignoring God
Will only lead to grief

So look around so closely
You might be surprised at what you see
Because one day I did just happen
To see His heart shining on me

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
24th July 2005
All Rights Reserved

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