So many things within our lives
We cannot understand
They go against the very things
We have together planned

We first met one another
There never was much stress
A baby was then born to us
By God, we had been blessed

Then for some unknown reason
We simply cannot learn
Everything took a new perspective
Life did an about turn

That child that was so precious
Will be child forever more
Because he was taken from us
And is now at Heaven's door

We asked so many questions
Questioned our faith above
Wondered if God would really
Take someone that we loved

After many hours of praying
We saw Angels up on high
And knew our own was with them
Telling us to cease to cry

For no matter how we say it
Our faith we sometimes question
Because of things that seem to happen
Too harsh to even mention

And at that time it is important
We trust in God above
For whatever is unfolding
God is still showing that He loves

Perhaps we shouldn't query
Our passing of the ages
But somehow always remember
Those now on history's pages

For if taken in their childhood
They will children forever be
They never will grow older
As the likes of you and me

Perhaps God wants some children
To be young forever more
So you can be greeted by both young and old
When you finally reach Heaven's Door

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
5th February 2005
All Rights Reserved

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