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Here I am Lord
Just on my own
No one around me
Standing all alone

The road’s been rocky
What can I discern
From all my travels
The twists and turns

I thought that I knew it
The way which to go
But the more that I travelled
The less I did know

The signs did show good times
But were they for real
Where was I going
What did I feel

Saw another mountain
Turned a new bend
This seems so endless
When will it end

I needed that something
That would guide me
No longer restricted
A feeling so free

So I woke up this morning
At start of new day
Decided perhaps it was time
That I should start to pray

I feel like a boat
Being tossed in a storm
I need your help Lord
So take me this morn

Please take the helm
I call to the Lord
Take me from tossed waters
To a peaceful harbour be moored

The prayer wasn’t long Lord
Just between You and me
But I do feel Your Spirit
And now I can see

My eyes have been opened
To the paths I have trod
And I knew at that moment
They were leading from God

It was time to change them
The steps I did take
You would show me the way
Show me my mistakes

Here I am Lord
Please take my soul
The one You want deeply
But the devil had stole

So many had told me
But I refused to listen
I just wouldn’t believe
I was filled with much sin

Forgive me dear Lord
For all things I have done
As I now do believe
You are the great one

You said that You’d save us
Promised on Calvary
So here I am Lord
It’s time to take me

Here I am Lord
I now feel so new
No longer alone
For now I have You

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
29th March 2008
All Rights Reserved

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