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Hope is such a normal thing
It helps to plan the future
For each of us will always want
As hoping is our nature

It matters not whatever is
Our wants we do perceive
But try never to forget
Some we won’t receive

Take time dear people
And hope until the end
But are the things for which you wish
For you or for a friend

As nothing can feel better
Than hope that someone else
Receives the very best of life
Instead of hoping for oneself

‘Tis not wrong to hope for
A better life indeed
But if you have sufficient
Then hope for those in need

But you cannot live on hope alone
As life takes more than that
To have lived the very best you can
And know exactly where you're at

When you look around you
And see so much out there
The best of hopes can be but helped
By using the power of prayer

Hope should not be selfish
Nor steeped so high in greed
That what it is you wish for
Is not really what you need

Somehow you must distinguish
The difference ‘tween the two
For if it’s something that you need
Ask others to hope for you

To show your love to others
And give them a little hope
Will help then through their dark times
And also help to cope

When you help one another
By showing your concern
That hope that you are sharing
Can only help all others learn

They learn to hope along with you
And appreciate your care
And most importantly of all
They learn the power of prayer

Yes, prayer can be so powerful
And many hopes fulfill
As long as prayed for with conviction
And said truthfully as well

For God will always listen
To all that’s asked, not random
One thing you can be sure of
Is that He will not abandon

For live your life unto the full
And lots of hopes do give
To those that are around you
So that they may truly live

For hopes can be so selfish
But also hopes of kindness
And for those hopes of others
You truly will be blessed

From hope springs life eternal
So do not hope in vain
But do well to remember
We return from whence we came

So always have a little hope
Always show you care
Ask for God’s help when in need
And great love you will share

But for your God to listen
You should ask, but not demand
Then things should be just perfect
And turn out just as planned

Hope can soon take over
But remember it’s not wealth
For hope to have desired effect
You must give of your own self

So with faith and hope beside you
It will easily be seen
The road into the future
Instead of where you’ve been

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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