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I stop a while and listen
Take stock of what I hear
I hear the children crying
I see a world of fear

I look at things around me
Not sure that what I see
Is the world that once was given
So all men could just be free

I breathe the air in deeply
Tastes stale and so impure
How long can this world go on
How much can we endure

I reach out to my neighbours
To give, not to receive
But they haven't time for others
Or even just believe

I try to smell the flowers
Their beauty just to share
But they are slowly dying
Is there someone who will care

I wait alone and wonder
How can I understand
Surely what mankind is doing
Is not what God had planned

This Earth so filled with hatred
I shudder at the thought
Of death and great destruction
The hands of man have wrought

Slow down a while I beg you
And give our world a chance
Let not material forces guide you
With goodness, learn to dance

Work for a world of freedom
No more hunger and despair
Yes this Earth is damaged
But it's not beyond repair

We can stop a while and listen
Look and reach out without fear
See flowers blooming brightly
Breathing air that is now clear

Surely we have the courage
To fight for common goals
To change from this direction
And not sell our very souls

When we learn to do so
To reach with helping hand
Perhaps I will then somehow
Begin to understand

To understand all others
Pray they understand themselves
But most importantly of all
Learn to understand myself

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
2nd February 2001
All Rights Reserved

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