Hugs ~ Main Image By Dark Blue Knight

To share a simple hug
With whoever might be there
Will show to them so simply
That you truly do just care

If someone should be lonely
Or looking very lost
Just smile and say, “Give me a hug”
There is no added cost

May be brother or a sister
May be someone not even known
Remember hugs you have received
Now give some of your own

To share a hug takes nothing
But a little of your day
But the meanings given by it
Are more than words can say

Hugs make you feel so wanted
And life seem so worthwhile
To be hugged when feeling downcast
Turns frown into a smile

Hugs can be so special
When facing things you dread
Dont try to face it all alone
Ask for a hug instead

Remember in your childhood
So many things terrified
Your mother used to hug you
And youd feel satisfied

Perhaps you will at times stumble
And sometimes even fall
A simple hug is all it takes
To cure almost anything at all

A hug can show you love
Or simply that you care
There are few things that feel better
Than hugs to always share

So if you see some reason
Then do not just ignore
Show your human kindness
And share a hug for sure

And should you want to make that hug
Seem so special and worthwhile
Then at the same time as you hug
Just add a simple smile

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
20th June 1999
All Rights Reserved

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