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I know that I feel hungry
And do know Iím on the brink
Of feelings of starvation
But not for food or drink

I may look so healthy
And glowing deep within
But my body is just worthless
If it is filled with sin

Oh not for things material
That my body it does burst
For it is my soul thatís screaming
From hunger and from thirst

For I can eat a plenty
And fulfil my daily need
But to listen to my soul crying
Is the thing that I should heed

Feed your own soul often
Should be done each day
By thinking of Godís requirements
And remembering to pray

Look at those around you
You can see it in their eyes
If they fail to feed their soul often
What you see is a disguise

If you just ask God for it
He will surely come to you
And feed you as is needed
But repay by being true

You will then be rewarded
By so many of good things
And your soul will not be hungry
But filled with love God brings

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
5th January 2007
All Rights Reserved

Psalms 106 : 9

For he hath satisfied the empty soul,
and hath filled the hungry soul with good things.

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