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Why do you only call Me
At those times of great despair
For you know I am always with you
You just have to show you care

Donít wait for pain to strike you
To call out in My name
Stop and look around you
For it is man that is to blame

So many have forsaken
And My love they cannot see
They move on through a lifetime
Lost in a world of mediocrity

I need you to walk with Me always
My words to just obey
Then a light will shine so brightly
Even on your darkest day

Pray in My name often
Show the world just where you stand
Let others see Me reaching through you
As I try to take their hand

Be humble when before Me
Show what you do believe
Then when you least expect it
My grace you will receive

If you choose to travel with Me
To forego that easy road
Yes, I am always with you
To share your greatest load

Be not afraid to show conviction
That your love for Me is real
If you pray for guidance often
I will be there to help you heal

I need you to show love for Me
To yourself and fellow man
For if I am always with you
Things will be just as I planned

When I hear your prayers of sorrow
For sins that might have been
Remember those who have forsaken
And ask Me to intervene

For all I need to ask you
Is to love Me with all your soul
Donít follow ways of wickedness
Let Me be in control

Recall I did come to you
So please My words do heed
Then you will surely pray so often
Not just in times of need

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
23rd October 2008
All Rights Reserved

Matthew Chapter 28
Verse 20

"And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age"

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