• I believe in Love

  • I believe in slow soft music that makes me cry

  • I believe in new beginnings, with new hope

  • I believe in rainbows after a storm, peace after war and friendship after fighting

  • I believe that every cloud has a silver lining

  • I believe in reaching for the stars

  • I believe in believing in others

  • I believe in the smiles of little children

  • I believe that there is a path to peace

  • I believe that I am unique

  • I believe in laughing

  • I believe in solutions, not problems

  • I believe in God and all His wonders

  • I believe that I can achieve anything I want to

  • I believe in saying sorry

  • I believe that it's OK to cry

  • I believe that in giving......we receive

  • I believe in celebrating life

  • I believe that we are all equal

  • I believe that everybody is beautiful

  • Most of all......I believe in ME

Vanessa McLennan

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Weeping With A Wall Eye
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"Weeping With A Walleye"

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