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"I do", he said and then she smiled
As he looked upon her face
He’d found his love for evermore
And his heart did quicken pace

All dressed in white with radiant shine
She looked him in the eye
Held their hands together still
"I do", was her reply

They’d pledged their love together
And this was to be the start
From this day forth throughout their life
They would never be apart

At least that’s what they said that day
As they did pledge their vows
But when five short years had passed
It all had changed somehow

But those years still lay ahead
Not known now the strife
They lived so happily at first
Perfect husband and his wife

They loved and laughed and shared and cried
Then along came their own baby
Now instead of two alone
They became a family

What happened next we do not know
But can only try and guess
But a home once filled with so much love
Was now filled with distress

Thoughts no longer of family
But simply of oneself
What once was shared, now kept inside
Their lives now filled with stealth

They’d stay out late before return
And sometimes not at all
Never there to hear it clear
Their child’s own lonesome call

Then one day he quietly said
"I don’t love you anymore
I’ve found another just for me
I’m walking out the door"

Her answer did surprise him
She said, "You know it’s true
And for so long I’ve wondered why
I’d said those words I do"

Things did turn nasty then
For he was a hypocrite
He found it easy to say goodbye
But she couldn’t say “I quit”

It must have hurt his manly pride
To hear what she did say
Anger then just grew so deep
Soon threats were on the way

They’d both forgotten totally
That child who was now scared
Hid, hugging pillow to himself
And asking if they cared

Screams and abuse then hurled around
As cruel words began to fly
That poor child did bury deep
And just began to cry

Father did storm out that day
He’d become completely wild
Now left alone within that home
A mother and her child

She called her lover on the phone
Told him to move right in
And he took up beside her now
Where another man had been

No one saw the father again
They think he moved away
Took his other woman too
As his life was led astray

What happened to the love they’d shared
Pledged together ‘til they die
I know the problem really is
Far too easy to say "Goodbye"

Fidelity matters little now
And the only one’s with broken heart
Are the children left so all alone
When families fall apart

Let’s get back to days when love was true
And really from the heart
And the words "I do" did really mean
‘Til death then do us part

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
26th January 2007
All Rights Reserved

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