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As my old age approaches
And my end on Earth is near
I realise I sometimes failed to look
And also failed to hear

Was there for me to see always
It was trying to keep me safe
But I just wouldn't go search for it
That thing we know as faith

I know I saw but nothing
And heard far even less
Just went along life's highway
With my own life in a mess

It always seemed so easy
To say, and do, and see
The same as all the others
That had spent my life with me

But I felt something missing
There was something out of place
For no matter how much effort
I was always last in life's race

No matter what I did in life
I seemed to always lose
Daytimes just wasted wandering
And night times filled with booze

I looked into a mirror
And saw how low I'd sunk
For what was looking back at me
Was just a common drunk

I slipped out of that bar room
And quietly stepped outside
Wondered if there was someway
That past I could now hide

I stopped and looked around me
Saw some people sitting there
But somehow they seemed so different
They seemed to something share

One stood and walked towards me
With his hand he did reach out
Saw something shining brightly
A future with no doubt

I accepted his kind offer
And for once I did feel proud
I felt I was being accepted
Into some unknown crowd

After sitting for some hours
Another meeting we did arrange
I knew there was something different
I knew my life would change

Many times I went and met them
With a hug and handshake meet
Then I began to realise
My past I had to beat

So I began to question
What made these people so
Why did they take a moment
To reach for someone they did not know

The one thing that they did all have
Was not part of my plan
It was the love sent by God above
A love for fellow man

They never did cajole me
Or push, or preach, or say
Just by their very actions
They simply led the way

It was a long time coming
But that gift I did receive
Like all of those now near me
I too chose to believe

Accepted God did always
Really care for me
It was my own choice always
I just had to look and see

Let Christ into my heart
Let Him teach me to forgive
And not blame all the others
For the life I'd chose to live

Now I am again filled with Spirit
A Spirit that's within
That Spirit sent by God on high
Not beer, or rum, or gin

There's hope for all around us
They need never be without
Peace and faith within themselves
Of that I have no doubt

For God is always saying
To each and every one
Accept Me into your life
And I will lead you home

So my days on Earth are closing
That time is very near
But something I did learn along the way
Is that I need not fear

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
20th February 2005
All Rights Reserved

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