* If you care,
* Show it.

* If you don't care,
* Learn to.

* If it's important to you,
* Do it.

* If you say it,
* Mean it.

* If you start something,
* Finish it.

* If you can't finish it,
* Let someone know.

* If you drop it,
* Pick it up.

* If you use it,
* Put it back.

* If you sleep in it,
* Make it.

* If it's dirty,
* Wash it.

* If it's untidy,
* Tidy it up.

* If it's open,
* Close it.

* If it's broken,
* Fix it.

* If you can't fix it,
* Tell someone.

* If it's empty,
* Fill it up.

* If you use the last of it,
* Replace it.

* If it's not yours,
* Leave it alone.

* If it barks,
* Don't ignore it.

* If it's hungry,
* Feed it.

* If they are your elders,
* Respect them.

* If it's enjoyable,
* Do it often.

* If it's not your business,
* Keep out of it.

* If you're about to complain,
* Don't.

* If you can only criticise,
* Keep your mouth shut.

* If you love someone,
* Tell them often.

* If it cries,
* Cuddle it.

* If it's your child,
* Love it.

* If it's not your child,
* Love it as well.

* If you're happy,
* Show it.

* If you win,
* Be humble.

* If you lose,
* Be gracious.

* If it's a mistake,
* Learn from it.

* If you learn something,
* Remember it.

* If you don't know,
* Find out.

* If it's beyond you,
* Admit it.

* If you know it's wrong,
* Correct it.

* If it's the law,
* Obey it.

* If you accept a task,
* Give it your best.

* If it's your responsibility,
* Remember it.

* If it's your job,
* Do it properly.

* If you are an employer,
* Respect your employees.

* If you're out of work,
* Don't give up hope.

* If it needs attention,
* Attend to it.

* If it's family,
* Don't forget it.

* If you argue,
* No one wins.

* If you're away from home,
* Keep in contact.

* If you have any talent,
* Use it wisely.

* If it's urgent,
* It's probably not.

* If it's worthwhile,
* Support it.

* If you drive,
* Do so carefully.

* If you have a disability,
* Learn to accept it.

* If it's possible,
* Do it.

* If it's impossible,
* Try again, it may not be.

* If you do nothing,
* Nothing happens.

* If you have nothing else,
* Have faith in yourself.

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