* If it's a gamble,
* Accept the result.

* If it's a better opinion,
* Consider it.

* If times are tough,
* Persevere.

* If you have good fortune,
* Think of others.

* If it bites,
* Keep away from it.

* If you are unsure,
* Trust your instincts.

* If you haven't the time,
* Find it.

* If you have nothing to do,
* Look around.

* If it isn't broken,
* Don't fix it.

* If it returns,
* Welcome it.

* If it's yours,
* Look after it.

* If it's a problem,
* Share it.

* If you have an opinion,
* State it.

* If you need help,
* Seek it.

* If it needs help,
* Offer it.

* If you have to wait,
* Be Patient.

* If you feel pressured,
* Relax.

* If a decision is needed,
* Decide.

* If it's a comment,
* Explain it.

* If it's rare,
* Treasure it.

* If it's common,
* Still treasure it.

* If it's complimentary,
* Acknowledge it.

* If you're a victim,
* Seek support.

* If it lives,
* It dies.

* If it's an emergency,
* Do it now.

* If it troubles someone,
* Have empathy.

* If it's factual,
* Believe it.

* If it's an engagement,
* Keep it.

* If you can't keep it,
* Make alternative arrangements.

* If you want the answer,
* Ask the question.

* If you read,
* You learn.

* If you worry about getting old,
* Remember those who never got the chance.

* If it's your duty,
* Do it cheerfully.

* If it's surplus,
* Save it.

* If it's disappointing,
* Put it behind you.

* If it's pulled apart,
* Put it together.

* If you won't do it,
* Don't expect someone else to.

* If it's dark,
* Illuminate it.

* If it exists,
* Let it.

* If it's finished with,
* Put it back.

* If you can't forget,
* Forgive.

* If it's a speech,
* Keep it short.

* If it's thirsty,
* Give it a drink.

* If it's put off,
* It's not done.

* If it's not done,
* It still has to be done.

* If it's angry,
* Avoid it.

* If all else fails,
* Get a bigger hammer.

* If you have a temper,
* Control it.

* If it's an honour,
* Accept it gracefully.

* If it belongs there,
* Leave it there.

* If it's recyclable,
* Recycle it.

* If it's sunny,
* It's a beautiful day.

* If it's raining,
* It's needed.

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