* If it's a gamble,
* Accept the result.

* If it's a round hole,
* It won't take a square peg.

* If it stops,
* It goes nowhere.

* If it wants to sing,
* Let it.

* If it's weak,
* Strengthen it.

* If it's a pessimist,
* It says half empty.

* If it's a optimist,
* It says half full.

* If it's not welcome,
* It usually stays.

* If you have a conscience,
* Show it.

* If it wants to go to bed,
* Don't keep it up.

* If it's rigid,
* It won't bend.

* If it's ripe,
* Don't let it rot.

* If its the road you take,
* It's the road you travel.

* If it's a ramp,
* It's better than a cliff.

* If it's self praise,
* It's nothing.

* If it's started now,
* It's finished earlier.

* If it's talk,
* It's not action.

* If it's rational,
* It's sensible.

* If it's rejected,
* It's left out.

* If it's red,
* It means stop.

* If it's green,
* It means go.

* If it's amber,
* It doesn't mean go faster.

* If it's a relative,
* It's not your fault.

* If it's a joke,
* Is it harmless?

* If it uses might,
* It's not right.

* If it's a storm,
* Weather it.

* If it's bad company,
* Don't be part of it.

* If you want to learn it,
* Experience it.

* If it's on fire,
* Is it friend or foe?

* If it's the first impression,
* It's the one that remains.

* If it's loyal,
* It's priceless.

* If you've never had it,
* You'll never miss it.

* If it's a half truth,
* It's a lie.

* If it's divided,
* It collapses.

* If it's the last to know,
* It's probably a parent.

* If you don't know yourself,
* You know nothing.

* If it's full,
* Don't add to it.

* If it's natural,
* It's part of life.

* If it's stubborn,
* Tell it so.

* If it's organised,
* It's easier.

* If it mourns,
* Console it.

* If it's the limit,
* Don't exceed it.

* If it's a parasite,
* Get rid of it.

* If it's passionate,
* It's involved.

* If it's a game,
* It's not a conflict.

* If it's a prediction,
* It may not happen.

* If it's prepared,
* It's ready.

* If it's a pretence,
* It's fiction.

* If it's wanted,
* It has a price.

* If it's hypocritical,
* Don't listen to it.

* If it suffers insecurity,
* Give it confidence.

* If it has integrity,
* It has virtue.

* If you earn respect,
* You will get it.

* If it's a goal,
* Reach for it.

* If you do it,
* You live with it.

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