* If it irritates others,
* Don't do it.

* If it's hidden,
* Locate it.

* If it's climbable,
* Climb it.

* If it's already done,
* It can't be changed.

* If it's honest,
* It's right.

* If it can't walk,
* Don't expect it to run.

* If it's oppressive,
* It's tyranny.

* If it's ugly,
* Look in a mirror.

* If it's unified,
* Don't separate it.

* If it's premeditated,
* You have no excuse.

* If it's unbuttoned,
* It's untidy.

* If you can't prove it,
* Don't allege it.

* If it's bigger than you are,
* Give way to it.

* If it's practicing,
* It will get better.

* If it's your turn,
* Don't forget it.

* If you can't trust it,
* Tell it nothing.

* If it's a machine,
* It still needs human input.

* If it's time,
* You can't control it.

* If it begins at the bottom,
* It can only go up.

* If it begins at the top,
* It can only go down.

* If it's a home,
* It's more than a house.

* If it leaves,
* Wish it well.

* If it squeaks,
* Lubricate it.

* If it's maintained,
* It lasts longer.

* If it's imagined,
* It's a dream.

* If it's a dream,
* It's not yet real.

* If it's not yet real,
* Work at making it real.

* If it's impatient,
* Tolerate it.

* If it's accidental,
* It's preventable.

* If it's arrogant,
* Scorn it.

* If it's inexcusable,
* It shouldn't be done.

* If it's a malingerer,
* It's an abuser.

* If it's a half truth,
* It's a lie.

* If it's in the minority,
* It may still be right.

* If you support it,
* You help retain it.

* If it's mistreated,
* It gets damaged.

* If it says pull,
* Don't push.

* If it's a quest,
* Keep at it.

* If it looks good,
* It may not be.

* If it's an excuse,
* Make it a good one.

* If it purrs,
* It's happy.

* If it's a good deed,
* It will be a good day.

* If it's unloaded,
* It can still kill.

* If it needs signing,
* Read the fine print.

* If it's weak in one area,
* It's weak all over.

* If it always tells the truth,
* It hasn't learnt to lie.

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