* If it irritates others,
* Don't do it.

* If you have plenty,
* Don't ask for more.

* If it's relevant,
* Point it out.

* If it's religion,
* Don't argue it.

* If it's trivial,
* It doesn't really matter.

* If it's free (loose),
* Don't restrain it.

* If it's free (gratis),
* Is it?

* If it's unexpected,
* It will probably happen.

* If it's youth,
* It's an apprenticeship in life.

* If it's radiant,
* It's full of joy.

* If it must,
* It must.

* If it succeeds,
* It breeds success.

* If it stops you,
* Start it again.

* If it's romantic,
* It brings joy.

* If it drinks and drives,
* It's stupid.

* If it's sacred,
* Respect it.

* If it's safe,
* It can't hurt.

* If it's in a shadow,
* It's in the dark.

* If it's a warning,
* Heed it.

* If it's calm,
* It's peaceful.

* If it's similar,
* It's not the same.

* If it's an adult,
* It's responsible for its own actions.

* If you apologise,
* Mean it.

* If it apologises,
* Accept it.

* If you pamper it,
* You spoil it.

* If it's a long day,
* It's still only twenty-four hours.

* If it's taken without permission,
* It's stolen.

* If it's a team effort,
* Be part of it.

* If it's tedious,
* Make it interesting.

* If it's in the way,
* Bypass it.

* If it's not in the way,
* Leave it there.

* If it's vague,
* Explain it.

* If you waste it,
* You don't deserve it.

* If it's a variation,
* It may be an improvement.

* If it's a veteran,
* It was once a young soldier.

* If it's unlikely,
* Don't worry about it.

* If it's uncertain,
* Assist it.

* If it takes time,
* Take the time.

* If it needs motivating,
* Motivate it.

* If it's a deadline,
* Do it now.

* If it's an itch,
* Scratch it.

* If it's a sharp knife,
* It cuts.

* If it's a blunt knife,
* It still cuts.

* If it's a Government department,
* It's buried in paperwork.

* If it's evil,
* Despise it.

* If it pollutes the Earth,
* It pollutes life.

* If it's not attempted,
* It can't be achieved.

* If it's young,
* It's our future.

* If you can see,
* Look.

* If you can hear,
* Listen.

* If it's fame you seek,
* You may be disappointed.

* If it's confidential,
* Keep it that way.

* If it's an opportunity,
* Take it.

* If you procrastinate,
* You miss the opportunity.

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