* If it's in the past,
* Leave it there.

* If it's in the future,
* Look forward to it.

* If it's in dispute,
* Solve it.

* If it's a test,
* Give it your best.

* If it's doubtful,
* Question it.

* If you give it out,
* Be prepared to take it back.

* If you think negative,
* You act negative.

* If you demand,
* You get irritation.

* If you ask,
* You get results.

* If it's an action,
* Consider the reaction.

* If it shows eagerness,
* Don't restrain it.

* If it can't swim,
* Don't throw it in the water.

* If it seems simple,
* Check it out properly.

* If it's risky,
* Use caution.

* If it doesn't fit,
* Don't force it.

* If you own it,
* Control it.

* If it needs changing,
* Change it.

* If it's a choice,
* Consider the options carefully.

* If it's unnecessary,
* Don't do it.

* If it's time to rest,
* Rest.

* If it's a challenge,
* Give it your best.

* If it's stupid,
* Don't do it.

* If it's amusing,
* Laugh at it.

* If it's apathetic,
* Pity it.

* If you think you want it,
* Think about it.

* If you know you want it,
* Think about it again.

* If you can't afford it,
* Don't get it.

* If it's public property,
* Respect it.

* If you're married,
* Remember your vows.

* If it has courage,
* Acknowledge it.

* If it's the truth,
* Stick by it.

* If it's a lie,
* Don't say it.

* If it's gossip,
* Don't repeat it.

* If you profess faith,
* Live by it.

* If you claim faith,
* Believe it.

* If you don't agree,
* State why.

* If you still don't agree,
* Try and compromise.

* If you can't agree,
* Don't get involved.

* If you're a parent,
* Be responsible.

* If you're a child,
* Respect your parents.

* If you make a commitment,
* Keep it.

* If you can't keep it,
* Make other arrangements.

* If you want to achieve,
* Strive to learn.

* If you thirst for knowledge,
* Seek it.

* If you feel sad,
* Don't be afraid to cry.

* If you feel alone,
* Remember you're not.

* If you ask,
* Say Please.

* If you receive,
* Say Thank You.

* If you don't need it,
* Don't keep it.

* If you find something,
* Return it.

* If it's a bargain,
* Is it?

* If it's alive,
* Let it live.

* If it doesn't know,
* Teach it.

* If it's dangerous,
* Beware of it.

* If it's an assumption,
* It's only a guess.

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