* If it's a new idea,
* Explore it.

* If it's borrowed,
* Give it back.

* If you have knowledge,
* Share it.

* If it asks,
* Answer it.

* If it's rude,
* Ignore it.

* If it needs guidance,
* Guide it.

* If you have love,
* Share it.

* If you love it,
* Look after it.

* If it's beautiful,
* Admire it.

* If it's not beautiful,
* Admire it anyway.

* If it's lonely,
* Spend some time with it.

* If you're lonely,
* Find a friend.

* If it's friendly,
* Acknowledge it.

* If it's hate,
* It will destroy you.

* If it's afraid,
* Reassure it.

* If it's ill,
* Treat it.

* If it's painful,
* Soothe it.

* If you have good health,
* Be thankful.

* If it's different,
* So what?

* If you fail it,
* Don't give up.

* If you achieve it,
* Be proud of it.

* If you're proud of it,
* Show it.

* If it creates a problem,
* Find a solution.

* If you fear the future,
* Accept your destiny.

* If it's private,
* Don't pry.

* If it's acceptable,
* It's O.K..

* If it's cute,
* Remember it grows up.

* If it's alcohol,
* Use it in moderation.

* If it's addictive,
* Keep away from it.

* If it's in the press,
* It doesn't mean it's true.

* If it's criminal,
* Report it.

* If it's an accident,
* Prevent it happening again.

* If it's kind,
* Repay it.

* If it happens,
* Accept it.

* If you lead a fruitful life,
* You have achieved.

* If it's an atomic explosion,
* Goodbye.

* If it's The End,
* So be it.

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