I was standing ‘neath an archway,
Just holding my true love,
And way up in the heavens,
The moon shone from above.

It was a perfect setting,
So I chose to take the chance,
And show her just how deeply,
I felt with my romance.

I wrapped my arms around her,
Did not want to let her go,
Gave her just one gentle kiss,
That she would remember so.

There is something about the moonlight,
That makes one’s heart just sing,
And to be with someone special,
Does great pleasure bring.

We stood there oh so silent,
For not a word was heard,
But although nothing had been spoken,
We both listened to every word.

The silent voice of love was speaking,
And we did not need to seek,
For we had that something special,
The joy of love that is unique.

So I made myself a promise,
That I would change my ways,
And seek to please her forever,
For the rest of my life’s days.

Yes, I guess I’d done some things,
That I truly did regret,
But my love was standing with me,
As she had since we first met.

So now I was looking forward,
As we stood in the moonlight,
And watched it slowly setting,
Making darker still the night.

I again then held her closely,
Knew that with her I only had one wish,
That was to be together always,
And forever share a kiss.

The romance of the moon is so powerful,
As it shines down from above,
For that moon did help to show me,
The path to my true love.

So no matter how much time has passed,
Since we stood beneath that archway,
I’ll always thank the moonlight shining,
For showing me the way.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
31st July 2005
All Rights Reserved

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Love Into Marriage
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"Love Into Marriage"

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