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Credits And Disclaimers

Where possible I have used items I believe are in Public Domain or credited the original creator. Most of the images used are made by me in PSP. Where an image has been used that I have not made I have given credit to the artist or photographer when known. I have provided a link on those pages where I have used graphics made by those respective artists or photographers if they have one, should you want to visit their sites. Some of the writings on the Dedication pages come from anonymous sources although I am attempting to locate the original Author. Some of the music played I collected some years ago from then "Various Free Midi Sites"and in those instances I am not aware of who actually arranged the MIDI file. That music is purely for your listening pleasure only and should not be downloaded from this site. No money or profits are made from this site in any way so please do not collect and add any of the music to any collection you may have especially if you have intention of selling that collection.

Please support the artists and buy their albums.

I have received permission from a number of music (MIDI) composers to use their own compositions. Where-ever their music has been used, I have given credit to them. Please visit their own sites and read their conditions of use if you wish to use their music. A similar request is made in respect of graphics and backgrounds, please visit the home site of the creator and download from there. Be sure to meet whatever conditions of use they may have. To all those who have allowed me to use your works, I thank you. If in any instance I have used something that is yours and failed to acknowledge you, please let me know so I can either credit you or remove the item if you so desire. It is not my intention to infringe another's ©Copyright.

My Copyright
The majority of writings on this site is original work by myself and is protected by national and international Copyright laws. Although I am willing to share my work with others, I do ask that I be granted the courtesy of being asked first. If you find anything I have written that you would like to use, then please contact me. My conditions of use are simple. I am not loathe to share my work, and a simple e-mail requesting permission is all I ask. I just want to be sure that any of my works are going to be used on "Family Friendly Sites" only.

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