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I promise that one day I will
Do everything I can
To change my lifeís direction
And become a better man

I promise that change is coming
For now life is just laughter
As for responsibilities
That will happen after

I donít want to be responsible
Worry, care or frown
I want to just enjoy all things
Before I settle down

Thereís lots of time left in my life
To change the road I tread
Why do you want to rush me
And demand I look ahead

I promise that the day will come
When I turn that leaf anew
But whatís the hurry I do ask
I have so much to do

I simply wish to do as I want
For all else not a care
Iíve many years left I do think
So why should I rush elsewhere

You say Iím irresponsible
I seem to have no sorrow
But that can wait I always say
Yes, wait until tomorrow

Iíve seen so many spend their lives
Seems to me theyíve wasted years
All because they care for now
And for tomorrowís full of fears

What is this that is happening
The end is close it seems
I canít die yet, please spare me God
Iíve that promise to redeem

Just give me another day or two
I will then learn to forgive
Perhaps if I accept you now
My God, youíll let me live

Have I left it far too late
Was my life really so low
That although you tried to lead me
I refused that path to go

I promise God that Iíll be good
Accept you in my heart
Learn to love all others too
If you give me another start

Save me God I do thee beg
Donít let me die like this
I havenít kept my promise
And you know just what it is

I know Iíve had the chances
And I always did just mean
To keep that promise made many times
But I had time it seemed

Forgive me Lord is my last call
Before I part this Earth
Judge me not on promise failed
But how you feel my worth

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
5th February 2000
Revised 2nd July 2008
All Rights Reserved

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