I Refuse Image By Dark Blue Knight

No matter where life leads me
No matter what I in future do
I refuse to be just like a blind sheep
And simply follow you

You may tell me the way you know
Is paved with riches and with gold
But I refuse to simply tread that path
Because of lies that I've been told

Perhaps you think you know your way around
Those laws which made by man
Again I will refuse your call
It isn't part of my plan

Perhaps you think God does not exist
As through life you make your way
But once again I will refuse
To believe everything you say

Although I do refuse outright
To simply follow you
What I can do, for you instead
Is pray God's light will one day shine on you

They say a child learns only what he sees
All things they see and do
But I simply refuse to accept
Because they can choose a way that's true

We simply cannot sit back
And watch our children weep
I simply refuse to allow that
My arms around them I will keep

I can try and model myself
Just like a playful pup
No matter what the obstacles are
I will refuse to simply just give up

They say God's will is being done
Of that I cannot argue
But what I can do is refuse
To accept evil that men do

One thing that we must all do
As those days do surely come
Is simply to refuse outright
When evil things are done

When things like that do happen
It's not time then to refuse
But gather strength from one another
No longer can we choose

So as my years unfold before me
Afore I'm buried 'neath the sod
One thing I won't refuse to do
Is acknowledge I know God

He never will refuse me
All I need to do is pray
So why should I refuse Him
Or not give thanks for another day

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
7th February 2005
Revised 23rd February 2009

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