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I stopped a while and looked around
So many things to see
Not just a lot of make believe
But there in reality

I thought of all the times gone past
When we didnít seem to care
Just destruction all around
Forgot we had to share

This world is not for us alone
But for every living thing
Be it plant or animal
Much joy itís sure to bring

I gazed in awe and silence
At the majesty around
At trees and birds and other things
That walked upon the ground

Recalled just for a moment
What man to world had done
Destroying it's very soul
Soon beauty will be gone

So stop I scream to all out there
Look closely as you see
Do not destroy what there is left
But leave it for you and me

For God created something
Put there for us to use
But in the way of those before
We just seem to abuse

For all the sins around us
The sins of fellow man
It is still a beautiful world out there
Enjoy it while you can

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
3rd December 1999
All Rights Reserved

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