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What is it that I really want
For all my years on Earth
Something just to live for
And give my life some worth

Is it just to be so rich
Own everything I need
Or is it something different
To maybe just succeed

Succeed in what however
For how can I just measure
Is my success to simply have
Those material things I treasure

If my plans are made and strived for
But for some reason do not gain
Have I failed myself in life I ask
Or just need to change the aim

ĎTis fair to strive for pre set goals
Work towards that very end
But I must not waste my life away
On things I canít defend

For thereís things far more important
Towards which I always strive
To build upon my friendships
While ever Iím alive

Friendships are so important
I need to have my friends
Who just accept me as I am
And not how much I spend

In all of my special friendships
I pray to God above
To help me choose a single one
To whom Iíll pledge my love

I cannot live on lonely
Need to have one there
Not just any someone
But a special one who cares

To love means just to share
In everything I do
So love will keep on growing
Between both me and you

I know I have much love to give
To share with special one
So please just let me find them
Before my time is done

For when my days are over
I can say it was worthwhile
And fade slowly away from this Earth
With a special loved oneís smile

So what is it I really want
Those material things apart
I guess that what I really need
Is someone in my heart

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
21st July 1999
All Rights Reserved

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