Just Hold On

Image By Akiane - Misted by Wanda - For this page by Dark Blue Knight

As we pass through years,
Of life on Earth,
We must always somehow,
Show our worth.

There's times arise,
We know not why,
When all we do,
Is want to cry.

At times like this,
Do not run from,
What it is,
Instead hold on.

Hold on to something,
It matters not,
Be it your faith,
Or else you got.

You may believe,
You may just scorn,
But believe in self,
Each and every morn.

No faith in self,
Causes much pain,
Just wants to make you,
Cry again.

Respect all others,
In what they do,
So they will also,
Believe in you.

Just hold on,
To that thing,
What it may be,
What it may bring.

Myself for one,
I do believe,
That for my faith,
I will receive.

I cannot force you,
To follow me,
But just hold on,
You soon will see.

Grab it tightly,
Don't let go,
Let all others,
See what's on show.

It may be faith,
It may be fear,
But faith will always,
Make love appear.

Do not be frightened,
And just hold on,
For if you grasp it,
Your faith is strong.

No matter what,
You try and do,
Allow your God,
To lead you through.

The warmth that comes,
From faith and love,
Is sent to all,
From God above.

Do not be cold,
Or let hatred show,
Just hold on,
Do not let go.

Dark Blue Knight
2005 ~ 2007
All Rights Reserved

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