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Sometimes it feels,
We all do fuss,
But at others,
There’s just the two of us.

The world’s so large,
Seems so much to do,
But then I wonder,
We are only two.

We belong together,
From beginning to end,
Because you are,
My lifetime friend.

I know that day,
When I first did see,
I always knew,
You were the one for me.

So we stood together,
Side by side,
And set out upon,
Our lifelong ride.

There’s been times of highs,
And times of lows,
But our love for each other,
Continues to grow.

Yes, there are times I’ve questioned,
And wonder why,
I’ve said those things,
That has made you cry.

But one thing I promise,
As long as I do live,
I will always love you,
So please do forgive.

So put aside those days,
And recall instead,
Those great times together,
Where our life has led,

For there are many things I know,
But what I know the most,
Is I feel the best,
When I hold you close.

Just knowing you,
And that you care,
Helps me to ease,
My pain and despair.

So darling please,
I ask of you,
Remember always,
My love is true.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
17th July 2005
All Rights Reserved

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