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This page is dedicated to all those men and women
who have paid the supreme sacrifice in the service of their country.

I remember always those who suffered in all conflicts.
so that we may have the peace and freedoms we enjoy.

From Poem By Laurence Binyon

This Ode is from a longer poem by Laurence Binyon.

Every evening at 6.00 pm in Service Clubs throughout Australia, one minutes silence is observed in memory of those who have fallen.

The minute's silence is followed by a reciting of the above Ode.

The Badge of The Returned Services League Of Australia ~ It originally had a Sailor, Soldier and Airman on it, but was altered to include a woman, representing those women who served. They are marching with linked arms to symbolise friendship. The Returned Services League can be joined by any person who has served in any of Australia's Armed Forces no matter where they have served during that time.

As you visit this page, just sit for a minute in silence and remember all those who have served, and those who are serving their country at this time in troubled areas around the world and pray they will soon return home safely to their families, loved ones and friends.

Although this page is primarily dedicated to Australian men and women, I remember too, all those men and women of our friends and Allies who have served alongside us in the cause of peace and freedom.

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Australia New Zealand United Kingdom U.S.A. Canada

We are more than Allies for we are bound forever by the blood of our men and women who have served together.

Although a small nation Australia has taken its part in the fight for peace and freedom. Originally before Federation in 1901, troops were sent from each individual State to fight alongside British troops. Since Federation, we have had a united Australian Defence Force, made up of an Army, Navy and Air Force.

Australian soldiers are colloquially known as "Diggers"

A small but historical fact :-

During World War I (1914 ~ 1918) Australia, on a ratio of casualties per head of population suffered higher casualties (Deaths And Injuries) than any other Nation. Australian "Diggers" can hold their heads up high. Australian's have also stood alongside its Allies in every major conflict since 1900.

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