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Do you recall those days now long ago
When we were the best of friends
Sharing toys with one another
And games of letís pretend

We made a solemn promise
That together we would stay
And yes, it was so long ago
In those times of yesterday

We grew up from our childhood
As the years did roll on past
But we were still together then
Thought our futureís die was cast

We still went out together
Said we would never part
For everything seemed perfect then
When I gave to you my heart

Teenage sweethearts now with promises made
No more games of letís pretend
Weíd stay together all our days
And on each would depend

Then came the time you spoke to me
The day did turn to grey
“My dear”, you said, “I still do love
But I have to go away”

No longer with you by my side
But my love it did remain
My mind was filled with anguish then
My heart so filled with pain

The years went by, you returned home
With another by your side
We spoke awhile then you told me
You were to be his bride

Although so hurt I took your hand
And wished you all the best
Told you that Iíd say a prayer
That your union would be blessed

Soon came the day that you and he
Would stand and then be wed
And as I sat there in the crowd
Thought it should be me instead

But Iím not bitter for I know you care
As you still call me a friend
But I always will recall
Those days of letís pretend

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
11th February 2009
All Rights Reserved


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