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Once there was a soldier
He did not want to go to war
For he felt so deeply in himself
That was not what he was here for

But then he paused and listened
And saw at how so many were abused
By one or two other people
That had chosen just to use

So he opened his mind a little
And thought, that’s what to be
To give them back their freedom
Is a task that falls on me

For he couldn’t just ignore it
And pretend it wasn’t there
He might close his eyes, but still could see
The pain those people bear

That night he sat so lonesome
As he also did recall
That once so many years ago
Another gave His life for all

He then stopped asking questions
Perhaps this was his destiny
To show to all those others
That he would help to set them free

For it was just a decision
That he himself did make
And if God chose to take his life
It still would be no mistake

For God gives us all a load to carry
As we move on life’s journey
And it’s just how that load we carry
That lets God see the real you and me

So this soldier changed his thinking
And began to realize
That it’s not what we had that mattered
But how we chose to rise

The call had come out for him
And that load he had to bear
If he should return home later
He could that load then share

Now instead of saying, "No Sir"
He knew that he could see
How our Lord felt on that sad day
As He made His way to Calvary

Now he was on his journey
And knew not where it would end
But he knew if his life was taken
He would meet up with a friend

That friend who’d freely chosen
A journey along persecution’s path
That soldier knew He’d shined in life
But never chose to laugh

Instead he took upon that task
That led all others ‘round to see
That along with so many others
His goal was to set men free

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
24th July 2005
Revised 18th March 2008
All Rights Reserved

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