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There’s one question we ask
As we move one day to the next
Is what is it we must do
If we’re to pass all life’s tests

Sometimes there’s smooth sailing
And others more tough
For our lives have their hollows
Their hills and their rough

For when things are smooth
We feel so at ease
Giving nary a care
And doing just as we please

But when life seems to harden
And we face a tough day
It seems it’s then we remember
Just how to pray

But stop and think deeply
Is something we should
And live by the Spirit
In bad times and good

Don’t wait for the storm
That might come your way
To call for the Spirit
All your fears to allay

So if we’re led by the Spirit
And not by our sight
Then no matter what happens
We will do what’s right

For even the blind
Can see the road ahead
If they choose that their life
By the Spirit be led

So all dear people
One thing we must heed
That we live by the Spirit
And let our God lead

He will lead us to righteousness
If we choose to see
And we can look forward
To our eternity

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
23rd January 2006
All Rights Reserved


Chapter 5 Verse 16

“This I say then, Walk in the Spirit......”

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