Living Angels

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Do you believe in Angels,
I know that I sure do,
For we can find an Angel,
When we find someone like you.

Forever there beside us,
At rest or work or play,
There’s an Angel there to guide us,
Through each long night and day.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

We may not see the Angel,
But its presence it is there,
Even though we sometimes miss it,
‘Cept when we need someone to care.

‘Tis then when we are lonely,
Or lost within life’s woes,
We suddenly do realise,
Where we are, an Angel goes.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Cast your eyes upon your family,
Look closely at your friends,
Because among them are the Angels,
That are beside you till the end.

But do not be so selfish,
And only take not give,
For you too can be an Angel,
To another who does live.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

For God created Angels,
To forever be beside,
So throughout times of torment,
We’ll have Angels by our side.

No one ever need be so lonely,
With nowhere left to turn,
For somewhere is your Angel,
Seek and you shall learn.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Do your best while you are living,
Prove your real worth,
For one day God will ask you,
Were you an Angel here on Earth?

Then to find a place with Angels,
Who’ve been called to rest before,
If you proved you are an Angel,
You’ll be welcomed at God’s door.

Image By Dark Blue Knight

Dark Blue Knight
November 1999
All Rights Reserved

Image By Dark Blue Knight

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