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He lived in a world of darkness
Had not ever seen the light
For he had been born sightless
It was always like the night

His eyes were sunk and hollow
A darkened shade of grey
But he never let it stop him
For his love was on display

He cared for those around him
And gave so very much
Never did his blindness stop him
Giving with a special touch

So many often wondered
What it was that he could see
In the darkened world around him
What was his secret key

Once a stranger stopped and asked him
What it felt to be born blind
Never seeing the world around him
How could things be defined

He replied with such conviction
That he didnít really care
Those sightless eyes meant nothing
It was himself that he would share

Although there was some hardship
There was still much that he could do
For when reaching out to strangers
There was no need to view

As he spoke to those around him
He felt no need to see
So when youíre feeling lonesome
Just listen was his plea

I once lived a life of solitude
With no one to call a friend
So I listened to the world around me
Tried hard to comprehend

Found a world so filled with beauty
Although my eyes were closed
So much did just surround me
A new life was now exposed

I do not want your pity
For the fact I canít see you
Because I can surely tell
My mind holds the greatest view

I can see people through their actions
Through the darkness of my mind
But that darkness it means nothing
Except my eyes are blind

In goodness I see beauty
A sight to just behold
For the beauty of mankind is
Not measured by his gold

As I live my world in darkness
I still feel so very blessed
For no matter what the obstacle
Iím sure to pass each test

Try to think of your world just hidden
From the vision of your eyes
Then you see what is so truthful
A world without disguise

Iíll keep reaching out to those around me
All that make up mankind
And show I can still give so much
Despite the fact that I am blind

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
21st March 2008
All Rights Reserved

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