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When feeling sad and lonely,
With no one to turn to.
Remember there is someone,
That helps when you are blue.

That very special someone,
May be close or miles away.
But thinking of that person,
Will brighten any day.

It may be one of family,
May even be a friend.
But we need that special someone,
When it seems we’ve reached the end.

Yes, we often think we’re lonely,
We often feel so lost.
But in reality there’s someone,
And with it comes no cost.

For there is no price on friendship,
Right from the very start.
All I asks as small return,
A tiny piece of heart.

So do not lock away forever,
Loved ones and friends dear.
Keep them always in your mind,
Not just once a year.

Yes it sure is wonderful
To receive a card or two.
But if you do not think of them,
How can they think of you?

Friendship is so special,
Friendship is so kind.
Friendship is to the heart,
As learning to the mind.

With friends you are not lonely,
Nor ever need feel blue.
For somewhere in this big wide world,
There’s someone that likes you.

So if you feel so lonesome,
That you feel so all alone.
Take that time to welcome,
That someone to your home.

When so sad and lonely,
All you need to do is ask.
For that special someone,
And loneliness will pass.

Then suddenly like magic,
Loneliness will rise.
And instead of sad and lonely,
Great joy will fill your eyes.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
May 1999
All Rights Reserved

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