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Our lives on earth are governed,
By things unknown to us,
So we simply carry on regardless,
Sometimes making such a fuss.

But when we stop and ponder,
The many things abounding,
Are we really taking note?
Of the beauty; our surroundings.

For 'tis the beauty of nature,
Made by God’s own hand,
And everything has purpose,
Wherever it may stand.

Man often without thinking,
Creates problems deep or shallow,
What will we tell our children,
For the damage to tomorrow.

For it is not our world we plunder,
But still belongs to God,
We are but tenants on this Earth,
Till buried ‘neath the sod.

'Tis at such time we’re called on,
To return our borrowed place,
To return it to our children,
Which we borrowed in first place.

Is will be their task then,
To cherish and adore,
This very Earth they borrow,
From the child for e’ermore.

For man but lives a few short years,
But the mighty Earth goes by,
To be until God’s will be done,
Part of; what we call the sky.

So man just look around you,
Is it really sane?
To destroy God’s great creation,
For just material gain.

Oh, man just look so closely,
Be shocked at what you see,
We must learn to live with nature,
And with each other, in perfect harmony.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
May 1999
All Rights Reserved

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