Looking Forward Looking Back Main Image By Dark Blue Knight

In my mind Iím thinking
Of days so long ago
Filled with so much innocence
And things I did not know

Our lifetime is a journey
Along some unknown track
And while my Grandsonís looking forward
I spend my time looking back

Past days so filled with turmoil
But parentís love did still abound
But no matter what did happen
Their love I always found

I remember childhood yearnings
And those from my teens
But those whoíd come before me
Has showed where they had been

A young man with no direction
Had set out on lifeís hard road
But what I did have travelling with me
Was the knowledge Grandpa bestowed

Travelled on throughout my lifetime
Watched the years unfold
Always talking to my children
Hoping theyíd hear what had been told

Now it is my Grandson
Whoís on the verge of adulthood
I let my mind start thinking
Is he thinking like he should

Before he starts his journey
Itís time for me to show
That young man who is my Grandson
The best road he should follow

Hear me clear I beg you
Before pain does attack
I know youíre looking forward
But recall Iím looking back

The road stretches out before you
The one that is lifeís goal
And if you learn from my experience
The journey will be a stroll

Iíve told you all I can do
Your life is now yours to make
But keep looking back as well as forward
Then you wonít make my mistakes

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
24th August 2007
All Rights Reserved

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