I’m in the twilight of my years,
And think back to when I met you,
Because from that day ever onward,
Grew a love that was so true.

I knew not what to mention,
Or ask of you that day,
It felt just right that somehow,
You’d be in my heart to stay.

I summoned up the courage,
To ask you just your name,
And then I asked the question,
"Could I see you again?"

You smiled at me so sweetly,
And gave me your address,
My heart was beating wildly,
My mind was in a mess.

We left the place we’d gathered,
And went along our way,
As I wondered oh so deeply,
Would I see you another day?

A few days turned into weeks ahead,
But I was not long left alone,
I don’t know if it was fate or God,
But I did visit you at home,

The more I saw of you my dear,
The more I did just care,
And I knew deep down within me,
That our lives were meant to share.

So one day ahead I did it,
Went and bought a ring,
Asked you if you would marry me,
And your answer made me sing.

So our love turned into marriage,
And that was so long ago,
But still nothing has ever changed since then,
And I hope my love does show.

The years between have seen us,
Raise our own family,
For we were blessed with children,
The best that they could be.

Sometimes there’s things did happen,
And life seemed a little rough,
I hope I’ve helped you through those times,
By loving you enough.

So what began as two of us,
There’s many more to see,
Our children and grandchildren now,
Are there for you and me.

But the most important thing of all,
From the day that we first met,
Was that love turned into marriage,
And for that there’s no regret.

Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
15th October 2005
All Rights Reserved

Dedicated to my darling wife, Sharon
Thank you for your love and for being you.

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