Love Is Beautiful by Dark Blue Knight

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Once so many years ago,
I did so fall in love,
I hardly did but see her,
But was like a message from above.

By Dark Blue Knight

To me she was a beauty,
That I'd never seen before,
The longer I did look at her,
I loved her more and more.

By Dark Blue Knight

I decided to approach her,
Wondered what she would do or say,
When I said it oh so quietly,
"I fell in love with you today".

By Dark Blue Knight

It was so many years ago,
That I first took her hand,
Nothing seems to have ever changed,
Together we still stand.

By Dark Blue Knight

Now that we are both older,
She feels she's lost her beauty,
But what I try and tell her,
In her beauty I do see.

By Dark Blue Knight

My answer to that question,
And I know it's oh so true,
I don't love you because you're beautiful,
You're beautiful because I love you.

By Dark Blue Knight

Dark Blue Knight
20th February 2005
All Rights Reserved

By Dark Blue Knight

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